The 2012 Treasure Hunt is over! The Treasure was found 5-4-2012!

It has been confirmed that the treasure has been found. Mr. Joel DeVries found the treasure this week in Cascade Park. We will announce later (on this blog) the time and date for the formal presentation and press conference. Mountain Mike wants to thank you for participating, and invites you back for the next contest. We will also be publishing a brief bio about Joel, and how he used the clues to locate the treasure. Afterwards, we will list all the clues, and explain their significance. Again, congratulations to Joel, and thank you all for playing.

New Treasure Hunt started 9-16-11

Be sure to visit the blog to stay on top of the contest: 

Purplehunt Blog

Clue 1:  Mick Jagger knows something about this.


The 9-15-08 Treasure Hunt is over! The Treasure was found!

Congratulations to Doug and Robin Brandt, and their son Ryley, and  Robin and George Thompson--the successful treasure hunters. Formal awards will be presented on Sunday (12-20) at 2 p.m. at the site where they found the treasure. That site was on White Pines Trail, just southwest of where it passes over West River Drive (west of Northland Drive). You are invited to witness the presentation. (First Photos). Read Robin Thompson's fascinating account of the Treasure Hunt, and the Brandts' equally cool account.

I could not resist putting this image on the home page. It depicts one of the successful treasure hunters (Ryley) awarding Robin Thompson her share of the loot. I think Mountain Mike might soon have some competition.

Would you like to learn how the contest works? Click here.